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Trimac Industries introduces the first MODULAR, SMALL FOOTPRINT, PRODUCTION powder coating finishing system.

The TRI-CAT Finishing System™ includes:
  Flameless GAS-CAT™ Infra-Red Heaters
    Ensures a high quality, fast finish with a minimum of space and energy consumption
  KEMAC™ Power Spray Washing System
    Provides a consistently clean part

The TRI-CAT Finishing System™ is ideally suited to companies…
      » Currently outsourcing powder paint finishing needs
  • Paying high vendor bills for paint finishing
• Desire to powder coat, but don't know where to start
      » Not satisfied with in house powder paint finishing
  • Missing sales because of demanding paint specifications
• Customers wanting a better paint finish
• Have rejections caused by lack of pretreatment
      » Trying to increase powder paint finishing efficiencies
  • Interested in the cost-saving benefits of a cellular design
• Restricted by lack of flexibility of centralized finishing system
• Unable to be competitive on smaller runs
• Burdened by excessive energy bills

The TRI-CAT Finishing System™ provides a superior
powder paint finishing solution…

    1.   A superior finish, yet half the cost of traditional finishing systems
    2.   1,800 sqft of plant space (30' x 60' typical footprint)
    3.   Pre-Engineered – only weeks after order, your production can begin
    4.   All equipment designed, engineered and manufactured by Trimac Industries
    5.   Constructed using safe, energy efficient FLAMELESS Gas-Cat™ Catalytic Infra-Red

Shown with optional reclaim booth

Standard Design Performance

•  Enclosed Track Conveyor - design speed three (3) ft/minute
•  Part profile 24” wide x 30” high
•  Complete closed loop (approx. 150ft.) with floor supports
•  Variable speed drive, spring take-up
•  Able to install in less than two weeks

Available Options
•  48” part profile window
•  Stainless steel washer construction
•  Powder reclaim booth
•  Air blow-off for drying assist of complex parts
•  Hot-air recirculation for enhanced cure
•  Oven zoning to enhance flexibility of part variance and manage gas costs
•  UL listed control panel
•  Turn-key installation
•  Available for purchase as individual components to spread out capital investment

•  Three (3) minute process
•  Cleaner / Phosphate – 100 sec. (140 deg F.)
•  Recirculating Rinse – 40 sec. (ambient)
•  Fresh Water Rinse – final rinse
•  Misting Zones between Stages

Dry-Off Oven

•  Four (4) minute process
•  Flameless Gas-Cat™ Catalytic Infra-Red with hot-air recirculation
•  Fully insulated enclosure

Powder Application Booth

•  Single operator
•  Re-useable filter media
•  Fluorescent lighting system
•  Powder delivery system
•  High efficiency gun and supply hopper

Cure Oven
•  Six & one half (6.5) minute process
•  Flameless Gas-Cat™ Catalytic Infra-Red
•  Fully insulated enclosure

•  Control panel designed to maximize ease of system operation
•  Controls per unit allowing for independent component operation
•  Location of control panel adaptable to customer's site needs

•  Enclosed track (designed @ 3feet/minute)
•  Closed loop with floor supports (approximately 150 ft)
•  Variable spring drive
•  Spring take-up

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