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ICE CAT™ Aircraft Deicing System

A revolutionary, patented non-chemical
aircraft deicing system

The patented ICE CAT™ aircraft deicing system is designed around the flameless Gas Cat™ infrared heat emitters. The infrared heat is created through a catalytic process without any deadly nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide or flames. The Gas Cat™ heaters use clean, plentiful, low-cost natural gas, propane or butane fuel and have been successfully tested for the FAA, the Air Force, Air National Guard and Canadian Transport.

The ICE CAT™'s heat is transmitted directly to the aircraft surface via invisible infrared rays. As much as 95% of infrared energy is absorbed when the heat waves contact a solid surface directly in its path. The same way the sun heats the earth or evaporates water in a lake, infrared heat is a directed safe heat source.

The ICE CAT™ 's infrared energy not only melts the frost, ice or snow already present on the aircraft's wing and tail surfaces, but also safely, quickly and economically raises surface temperatures - temporarily preventing further accumulations (with or without the addition of anti-icing fluid). A microprocessor based temperature control system ensures that just the right amount of infrared energy is transmitted to the aircraft surfaces – in fact, a permanent record of the heating cycle can be stored digitally.

The ICE CAT™ 's emitters can be mounted in fixed or retractable support structures located at terminals or taxiways. The emitters can also be custom designed or retrofitted onto mobile vehicles equipped with articulating boom extensions, which lift and position the panels over the aircraft surfaces.

The ICE CAT™ offers these ADVANTAGES over existing methods:

•  Convenient ICE CAT™ deicing systems either can be located on fixed structures,     mobile vehicles, or placed in existing hangars to best suit the aircraft's location and     turnaround requirements.

•  Economical – The ICE CAT™ can effectively de-ice an aircraft for a fraction of the cost     of applying glycol without any of glycol's enormous recovery, recycling, and disposal     costs.

•  Environmentally Responsible – The ICE CAT™ eliminates the use of massive     quantities of glycol and its negative impact on the environment and airport     infrastructures.

•  Fast – The ICE CAT™ can effectively de-ice an aircraft in approximately 6-10 minutes.

•  Safe – Over 10,000 Flameless Gas-Cat™ emitters have been produced over the past     two decades for controlled, localized heating within hazardous locations.

•  Safe Application – No need to worry about spray effects on personnel applying glycol,     being drawn into engines, fouling rotor gears or other critical moving parts or coating     aircraft windshields.

•  Recordable – Actual aircraft skin temperatures can be digitally stored for future     reference. The surface temperature of the aircraft can be displayed on a Digital     Temperature Indicator, visible to the pilot, and can be transmitted to a PC based record     storage system.

•  Verifiable – The skin temperature of the aircraft can be documented before, during and     upon completion of deicing verifying the removal of snow, ice and frost.

The cost to de-ice a DC-9 using heated Glycol is typically in the $2,800.00 - 3,500.00 range (not including recovery, recycling, or disposal costs). As a comparison, the ICE CAT™ System, using Flameless Gas-Cat™ Catalytic Infra-Red Heaters (rated at 2,160,000 BTU) would have an energy cost of less than $5.00 per aircraft (based upon a gas cost of $5.00 per million BTU).

The ICE CAT™ system seen being tested at the Eglin Air Force Base to demonstrate advanced Helicopter Deicing techniques.

The ICE CAT™ system currently represents the only viable way on the market to deice a helicopter.

Downloadable Ice Cat Presentation (PDF)

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