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“Repeat customers are the majority of our business…Performance pays”

Trimac Industries' success is built on creating customized solutions using our almost 20 years of in house expertise in cleaning, curing and drying. We offer our customers the unique advantage of purchasing reliable, long lasting and cost effective solutions all from ONE manufacturer. We also are the only producer worldwide capable of making both flameless catalytic infrared ovens and aqueous spray washers.

Trimac does not use other manufacturers to supply washers, ovens or heaters because we design and manufacturer our own equipment in house. However, most companies in the parts cleaning or paint finishing industry have expertise on only one portion of the process. Trimac Industries however, has the greatest breadth of knowledge and capabilities in the industry from our almost two decades of experience in manufacturing infrared and gas convection ovens along with process and batch washers. Trimac's customers benefit from this systems design approach, integrating each piece of equipment together to ensure a quality finished part.

Our process starts with analyzing our customer's specific challenges and then designing a new, replacement or retrofitted application. Our solution is customized to the customer's specific needs, focusing on cost-effectiveness, short lead-times and using the least amount of valuable plant space. Since our capabilities cover a complete range of processing equipment, we offer solutions based solely upon our customer's needs including:

•  Gas catalytic infrared ovens
•  Gas catalytic infrared portable heaters
•  Gas convection ovens
•  Combination infrared and convection ovens
•  Electric infrared ovens
•  Infrared speed boosting systems
•  Kilns
•  Pretreatment washers
•  Cellular parts cleaning washers
•  Complete custom finishing systems
•  Modularized pre-designed finishing systems
•  Conveyor systems


INFRA-RED TECHNOLOGIESStarted in 1987, IRT has sold more flameless catalytic gas infrared ovens than anyone in the world. Our extensive array of ovens are servicing worldwide a cross-section of industries including paint finishing, wood drying, food processing, automotive, textiles, adhesives, thermoforming as well as many other process and manufacturing industries. The Gas Cat™ heaters used in our ovens have been on the market for almost 20 years and are approved by Factory Mutual and Canadian Standards Association for hazardous location installations and a program is underway to receive the CE mark for the European ATEX directive.

KEMAC POWER SPRAY SYSTEMS™Founded in 1986, Kemac has long been a manufacturer of heavy duty parts washers. Kemac owns Patent # 5,482,166 for the heavy duty cog and wheel indexing turntable which has been the standard around which Kemac washers have been designed, assuring accurate control and effective cleaning of parts. Originally introduced with focus on the automotive, maintenance and railroad markets, Kemac washers have been consistently performing in companies like Amtrak, Ford Motor Company, Anheuser-Busch, Hallmark, Pepsi-Cola, Santa Fe Railroad, Trans World Airlines, Westinghouse as well as hundreds of other companies.

TRI-CAT FINISHING SYSTEMS™ -- Trimac introduced the Tri-Cat System™ at the Coatings 2003 trade show as the only complete, modular finishing system on the market , which can be taken from order to installation, often within 8 weeks, and only needing 1,800 sq ft of floor space. Since our acquisition of the product lines of Infra-Red Technologies and Kemac Power Spray Systems, Trimac has combined their cleaning and curing expertise to provide our customers with comprehensive system choices.

A patented aircraft deicing system designed around the flameless Gas Cat™ Infra-Red heat emitters. The Gas Cat™ heaters use clean, plentiful, low-cost natural gas, propane or butane fuel and have been successfully tested by the FAA, the Air Force, Air National Guard and Canadian Transport for use in hazardous fuel locations.

About Us
Located in North Kansas City, Missouri, Trimac Industries houses complete design, testing, manufacturing, installation, parts, remanufacturing and service departments. Our computer aided designs are engineered to order and include both 2D and 3D capabilities throughout our design process. Our new installation of Visual Enterprise software (an Enterprise Resource Planning system including full MRP functionality) will allow us to provide complete, real-time analysis of the status of our manufacturing. Our purpose is to ensure our customer's reliable job progress status and accurate on-time delivery information. Our goal is to begin ISO 9001 certification to assure our customers of our reliable, quality performance, technical proficiency, timely delivery and effectively installed products.

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